Sunset Sherbet Strain


Indica Dominant Hybrid

Indica 85% / Sativa 15%

THC content: 15%-19%

Effects: relaxed – 10 euphoric – 7 sleepy – 7 happy – 6

Flavors: sweet, earthy, citrus, mint, tree fruit

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Sunset Sherbet Strain


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Sunset your condition with Sunset Sherbet weed strain


Sherbet is more than just a flavored dessert you love to order when dining out. In marijuana terms, it’s your go-to hybrid strain to adopt a happy-go-lucky attitude and unfreeze yourself from insomnia, anxiety, and uncontrolled fear. The Sunset Sherbet weed strain delivers the best results for these and other conditions making you feel tense and pressured.

Sunset Sherbet looks as delicious as the namesake dessert. It has massive trichome coverage beautified with amber hues. But don’t be fooled by the nice and sweet appearance of the Sunset Sherbet marijuana strain for sale. With around 20% THC, it always feels like a full-body hit that comes slowly and progresses with inhaling. It is potent enough to leave you sedated, tranquil, and worry-free.

It’s not uncommon for new starters to be dissuaded from buying the Sunset Sherbet strain unless they are fine with its unraveling full-body hit. Still, everyone should take a small amount of this green-amber medication at the initial treatment stages. You will never want to smoke several ounces of Sunset Sherbet at once because doing so may be rife with consequences.

If you choose to buy Sunset Sherbet online and take it to sunset your condition, you will savor the flavor of the frozen dessert reported to be:

  • Yogurt-like

  • Fruity

  • Something that tastes like bubblegum

The Sunset Sherbet experience is never ruined by brain freeze, though. It kicks in with a wave of warmth and leaves you with wonderful sensations to enjoy.


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