Malana Elephant Hash


Malana Elephant Hash is a legendary import hash sourced from one of its motherlands – India’s subcontinent. Hailing from an ancient Indian village called Malana, essentially any cannabis product comes from this tiny region.

What makes Malana Elephant Hash so unique is the starting product that is used. The landrace strains were grown in Malana, and the surrounding valleys are known for their typically high THC content and above-average resin glands.

The cultivators behind this product begin by using fresh or live plants rather than pressing their hash with dried or cured material – this results in a more fragrant and flavourful smoke in the end.

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Malana Elephant Hash

What is Hash?

Hashish, also referred to as hash, is a cannabis concentrate typically inhaled or smoked. Hashish is created using a few different methods. However, the essential steps are removing the trichome glands from a cannabis plant and repeatedly compressing them to form a hardened, solid piece. It’s arguably one of the oldest types of cannabis concentrates, with written texts referring to hashish dating as far back as the 12th and 13th centuries. The varying look and feel of hashish are closely tied to its history and the method used to make it.

How to Smoke Hash

Malana Elephant Hash may be used in several ways. Traditionally, hash has been consumed orally, either solid or infused into a beverage such as the traditional Indian drink bhang. Hash may also be smoked, either on its own or to accompany traditional cannabis flowers. Users can sprinkle some into a bowl, roll it up into a joint or enjoy it traditionally with a hookah and get to relaxing! 

Hash vs. Weed: What’s the Difference?

Both hash and weed come from the cannabis plant. Weed typically refers to the plant’s dried flowers. On the other hand, hashish is a concentrate derived from the resin. Hashish is when the essence of cannabis (the trichomes) parts ways with the plant material itself, which is achieved when the ripe and resinous gland heads that line the surface of female cannabis plants are separated and collected. Methods to accomplish resin separation have been practiced for centuries; however, the rapid rise of cannabis legalization in the western world has brought new ways in hash preparation that are sweeping legal markets by storm.


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