Henry Original – Coast CBD Preroll Pack


Aside from the company name, one of the first things you see when scoping out a pack of Henry’s Original prerolls is the phrase “Heirloom Cannabis.” We all know what family heirlooms are and about heirloom tomatoes. But what about heirloom cannabis?

According to Merriam Webster’Dictionary the word heirloom “[denotes] a traditional variety of plant or breed of animal that is not associated with large – scale commercial agriculture.” Marinating on that definition, I realized how vital it is to the cannabis industry to have brands such as Henry’s Original. Within five years, I’m predicting corporate monsters such as Monsanto, Bayer, Marlboro and Pfizer will jump into the industry, causing major shifts to the market Place – – and not likely good ones.

Using sustainable farming methods, Henry’s original produces noticeably clean flowers. And once you get used to smoking the company’s prerolls, it’s easy to tell when other brands aren’t clean. It’s alarming how contaminated most cannabis is – – even when it’s labeled as medicinal.

Every Henry’s box comes with three prerolls, which came in handy when I woke up with a wicked post – Thanksgiving hangover Ritual, a 25:1 CBD strain, was wrapped Inside white hemp paper. After puffing five or six hits, my headache melted away, and I was able to stomach eating food, which is shocking considering I ate enough for five the day before. Henry’s Original CBD joints saved the day from being in sufferable!


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