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No messing about in the genetics here, it´s all seedbank favourites and Cannabis Cup winners, with one side of the lineage of Banana Cake cannabis seeds coming from Wedding Cake (Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies, AKA Pink Cookies) and the other coming from In-House’s own Banana OG (OG Kush x Banana). With a true Cali connection in its genes, sweet and fruity is the dominant flavour profile handed down from these legendary parents, but there’s more than that too.

With so much OG Kush in the heritage of this marijuana strain, you best be sure you can expect that classic uplifting yet relaxing buzz as well as growing traits that make these feminised marijuana seeds as well suited for the beginner as they are for the seasoned vet.

Banana Cake Strain Effects

The high THC level (well over 20%) ensures a quick and potent kick from this marijuana strain, with a full-body relaxed buzz hitting quickly and hanging around for a pleasingly low time. Beginners are recommended to take things gently, so this first stage doesn’t hit too hard because it’s supposed to prepare you for the next step of the buzz!

Next up, the euphoria phase, a euphoric, happy high that fills the mind with the nicest of possible sensations and creates a chatty, giggly mood that is the perfect end to even the least perfect of days.

Banana Cake Strain Medical Benefits

The potential Banana Cake medical benefits are partially inherited through the impressive family tree and partly from the cannabinoid and terp combinations. Both parents are known as excellent strains for those struggling with the loss of appetite, and the apple doesn’t seem to have fallen far from the tree in that regard. Whether due to an operation or any other reason, this cannabis strain may aid in boosting appetite.

Additionally, the combination of caryophyllene and THC, along with the potential regulatory powers of myrcene, means this indica heavy strain may support the body in providing relief for pain, especially the symptoms of chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and migraines.

How to Order Banana Cake Strain

If you decide to Order Banana Cake Strain after reading our description, it will assist you in relieving pain and exhaustion. To get answers to your questions and access all customer services, go to


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