AK-48 Feminized


Flowering time after (days): 50 – 55
Height in cm: 100-150 cm
Type: Feminized seeds
Climat Temperature / Continental
Sativa / Indica Sativa Hybrid
Number of seeds 5


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About ak-48 feminized

Just looking at her is very satisfying because you just know you got yourself something good. AK-48 is a hybrid strain with the well known parents Ice and Jack Herer, two kinds with very promising properties and ancestors like Northern Lights, Afghani and Skunk.
Because she is Indica dominant she has a short growing period of approximately 48 to 50 days, that’s why she is called AK-48.
The effect you get from consuming AK-48 is contradictory but so well balanced that it’s no disadvantage.
You get a stoned feeling combined with an energetic elevating kind of high which is loved by many AK-48 fans.
Because of these properties she also is very wanted in the medicinal cannabis scene.

AK48 Feminized seeds by High-Supplies are something that smokers around the world swear by for its quality and effect. The seeds are highly viable and produce very hard and thick buds giving an effect that you rarely expect from any Indica-Sativa hybrid. Experienced cannabis growers will always have good things to say about this fast germinating marijuana seed. Given the perfect growing conditions, these indica-dominant, highly potent cannabis seeds are capable of flowering within just 48 days; yes it is indeed a fast growing cannabis seed. 

Cross Breed of Jack Herer and Ice

During the cultivation phase, just one look at these plants will make you happy because the sight tells you that you have something worthy in your hands. The two parent strains of AK 48 are Jack Herer and Ice. These are the two strains that are again famous for their excellent properties and have ancestors like Afghani, Skunk, and Northern Lights. 

Seamless Choice Even for Novice Growers

The process of growing these seeds is also very easy and it is very friendly even for the novice cannabis growers; not to mention it almost always produces great yields giving more return to the growers on their efforts, investment and time. It was 90’s when AK 48 feminized seeds shot to fame and it has continued to be a very popular weed seed since then, both for commercial and personal purposes. Known to give very string smoke and odor, these plants bear very hard buds that have unique aroma. 

Though these plants normally tend to grow in 48 to 50 days maximum, if you give them little extra time, they can give you a yield that is even sweeter by let us say around 10%. The choice is yours as the end effect remains the same. If you expect best results from these seeds, consider growing those indoors using organic fertilizers and soil medium.