Afghani Hindu Kush Feminized


Flowering time after (days): 50 – 55
Height in cm: 90 – 130
Type: Feminized seeds
Climat Temperature / Continental
Sativa / Indica Mostly Indica
Number of seeds 5


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About afghani hindu kush feminized

As the name says, Afghani Hindu Kush feminized seeds belong to the lineage of the weeds that are exclusively cultivated in the Hindu Kush mountain region and nearby the banks of Armu Darya River of Afghanistan. has been successful to derive these seeds on their stores, and you will find only the pure and original seeds on their stores compare to any other. The strain belong to Indica genus and holds the title for creating many strong, smoky and tasty weeds that have successfully knocked the users off from their feet, every time they take a puff. 

Certain breeds of the marijuana seeds at their stores are tweaked with the wonderful traits belonging to the Sativa genus to improve their growth rate, early maturity, early flowering and good yield. This has helped the medical industries to exploit many medicinal features from the plants.

Afghani Hindu Kush is indica dominant what means she doesn’t grow very tall which makes her easy to grow indoors with limited space.
Also very suitable for outdoor growing because she can handle a great amount of stress and most of all she’s very mould and disease resistant.
These properties make her an ideal candidate for the less experienced growers.
The deep green leaves grow wide like all indica’s do and the buds have that promising sticky look, resin from branch to the top of the bud is quite a sight.
The yield can be called average but because of its heavy effect you don’t need to consume very much to feel anything.
When the buds are still growing she spreads a fresh green odour but when the buds are smoked they taste earthier with dense smoke expanding your lungs.
Smoking Afghani Hindu Kush is heavy on the head at first but after a few moments it will flow into a careless high buzz.

This pure indica strain comes directly from the field of Afghan and is the western spur of the Himalayas, covering Afghanistan, borders of India, China, and Pakistan. This beautiful and desolate variety forms a significant trade-route between Central Asia, Middle East and the Far East and other ancient marijuana parts of the world that had strong cannabis cultures over centuries. In short, this seed is the centre of the world, considering pure Afghanica and Indica genotypes and several forms of their black hashish.

The time duration required for harvesting Afghani Hindu Kush feminized seeds bought from the High Supplies seed bank vary according to their strains and can be about 45 to 55 days after plant maturation and flowering. However, the harvesting period may vary with the type of the cultivation that farmers adopt for growing the seeds (indoor or outdoor farming).

Company offers good quality yields for the cultivators and do not require any extra care in farming. Each seed weigh about 450g from the indoor cultivation and about 500 to 600g when cultivated in the outdoors.

The seeds taste like Afghani hash in the beginning and the flavour turns into hardwood, when the users drag the puff for longer time. The THC count of the seeds that you buy from the varies from 20 to 22% and hence offers best narcotic effect on their brains.

The Ultimate Foundation of Cannabis Resin

It has been fetched from the Himalayan range, where its genes have been chosen and grown over centuries, making it the ultimate foundation of cannabis resin. The strong black Afghani hashish and North Indian charas fragrant are largely produced from Kush plants. 

It produces heavy yield and is quite compact when compared with its originals. It flowers earlier than its parent and grows up to medium height. It produces dark, broad-bladed green leaves, blunt-topped massive buds, and resin-saturated nuggets due to its natural vigor. Emerging from the mountains around Northern India and Afghanistan, it a typical indica plant that has deep green, wide leaves, sometimes blue in color.

Stocky and short in growth habit with lower branches, it develops flower clusters, which are compact and dense along the branches. 

This modern hybrid is valuable and a very important plant for breeders.

The original AK is known for its stability and quality over countless generations and this hybrid is just like original, producing consistent seedlings. In warmer climates or outdoors (below 42-degree North), it can flourish well and can produce excellent result under uniform indoor cultivation.